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Born and raised in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, I am a self-taught artist.  In 2012, I was commissioned for my first painting and it pointed me in the direction of freelancing as an artist. I have also worked as a set painter and scenic artist in community theatre and television and film set painting.

While my main focus is on customized pet portraits, I don't like to box myself in. If you have a project in mind, I'd love to connect and see if we can collaborate. I am now also available for mural commissions anywhere in the lower 48 states of the U.S.


How did you get into disc golf? Introduced by one of my best friends (Jbo) in Los Angeles. Chavez Ridge, in Elysian Park, was the first course I ever played! The 18th hole looks into the Dodgers stadium. It was beautiful. Between the competitive aspect, the friends, and nature I was instantly hooked! When I moved home in 2016, to take care of my grandmother, I found what would become my home course right down the road. Dacey Fields.


How did you get started with art? Since I was a kid I have always been into drawing and art. My grandmother encouraged me to pursue my passion in the arts. With the support from my family and friends I worked hard to teach myself everything I could about art and painting. I taught myself through books and YouTube, consuming everything I could find.


How has the disc golf community impacted your life/art? I was inspired by the stamp art I saw on discs to get more into drawing and learning more about the digital mediums for art design. When I was approached to create stamp designs for local tournaments I realized it was something I really wanted to do more of. Since then I have been able to continue to work on more and more local tournament stamps. Being able to combine my love of disc golf and art professionally is something I am so grateful for.


How I experience art is what inspires me to create it. I know how art makes me feel and I want to be able to share that feeling and experience with other people through creating my own art. The family I have gained through the sport of disc golf has supported and inspired me in so many ways. It has given me a direction for my passion and a feeling of purpose in my creation. The support of the disc golf community has been overwhelming and continues to fuel my desire to give back to them through my art.


I capture images on canvas, and murals, through mixed mediums of acrylic and spray paint. and turn them into 1 of a kind portraits.

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